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New FCRA/FACTA Certificate Programs

Meet your FCRA compliance training obligations with our role-specific training

FCRA Certificate Program for Data Furnishers

Understand your reporting obligations!

Overview: An online course with a final comprehensive exam to help data furnishers understand their FCRA/FACTA compliance requirements.

Audience: Compliance Teams, Senior Staff, Customer Service Personnel, Legal Staff.


  • Overview of FCRA/FACTA and GLBA
  • Accuracy & Integrity Rules
  • Handling Direct Disputes & Disputes Received through a CRA
  • Voluntary Closing of Accounts
  • Delinquency Notice of Accounts
  • Handling of Fraudulent/Identity Theft-Related Accounts
  • Address Discrepancy Rule
  • Negative Information Notice
  • Enforcement & Remedies

FCRA Certificate Program for Data Users 

Properly obtain, handle & dispose of consumer report information! 

Overview: This in-depth FCRA training course followed by a final comprehensive exam was designed specifically for users of consumer reports.  

Audience: Everyone with access to consumer report information. 


  • What is a consumer report 
  • Permissible purposes 
  • Prescreening
  • Adverse action/risk-based pricing rule
  • Proper disposal of records
  • Identity theft red flags rule
  • Address discrepancy rule
  • Consumer reports used for employment purposes
  • Investigative consumer reports
  • Liability for violations of the FCRA 

For assistance, please contact:

Consumer Data Industry Association
Ph: 202-408-7408