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Judicial Review : 2019

A Summary of Legal Issues Impacting the Consumer Reporting Industry

29 Dec 2019Federal agencies’ power loss? Not today.

As reported by Bloomberg, the U.S. Supreme Court “refused once again consider whether Congress is disregarding a long-held legal doctrine and…

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29 Dec 2019The condition of the conviction

RentGrow won a victory in the Seventh Circuit on definition of “conviction”.  Adalco v. RentGrow, No. 18-1932 (7th Cir. 2019).  The…

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29 Dec 2019Class dismissed

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia dismissed a putative class action, with prejudice, against First Advantage Background…

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29 Dec 2019New York DFS: Keeping Score

Linda Lacewell, the superintendent of the New York Department of Financial Services (DFS), said that her Department has started an investigation…

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29 Dec 2019Announcing a new blog, Judicial Review

Announcing Judicial Review: A New Source Sheet for CDIA members and the consumer reporting community.  The Consumer Data Industry Association is…

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