Register Today for this important CDIA Pre-Election Webinar scheduled for Oct 29th at 2pm ET. As we approach the end of a long and strange election season, companies across the consumer reporting ecosystem are beginning to plan for the different outcomes that could happen on Election Day and after. With the stakes so high for all of us, getting ready for 2021, no matter who is in charge, is critical for all of us.

Join CDIA and speakers, Eric Mogilnicki, Partner at Covington and Jaret Seiberg, Financial Services & Housing Policy Analyst at Cowen Washington Research Group as they discuss the 2020 election and the potential impact on the consumer reporting ecosystem. This event includes a live Q&A session moderated by Francis Creighton, President & CEO at CDIA.

Discussion Topics:

  • Status of White House, Senate and House campaigns and the various possible outcomes
  • What will be the federal legislative agenda be in 2021?
  • How might the enforcement and regulatory environments change?