Only a Few Seats Remaining- Metro 2® Fundamentals Live Webinar Series- Oct 20-22 & 26 & 27, 2020

Modeled after CDIA’s popular Metro 2® Fundamentals Workshop, past participants have already raved:

“I really thought this was the best webinar I’ve ever attended.  The speaker was very detailed,
easy to follow, and the questions were great.  I learn from examples and this webinar offered

“I found the discussion on the codes to be useful. The Speaker was excellent, she was very
clear and easy to understand.”

What I found most valuable was the explanation as to how to efficiently use the guide
(Credit Reporting Resource Guide
®)… and the use of the reporting examples as visual aide as
different situations occur.

Participants will gain a strong foundation on the standard use of the Metro 2® Format with comprehensive training on each of the Metro 2® fields, including examples of how they are reported in common reporting scenarios. Participants will also learn how to navigate and better utilize the 2020 Credit Reporting Resource Guide (CRRG®).

The Metro 2® Fundamental Webinar Series will take place October 20, 21, 22, 26 & 27 from 2-4pm ET.  In addition, all participants will have the opportunity to join two Bonus Sessions on October 22nd & 27th from 11-11:45am to provide additional time for participants to ask questions about Metro 2® fields and codes needing further clarification.

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