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CDIA shares a core value that all Americans should embrace; that is the ability for people to compete for employment without racial or ethnic discrimination. CDIA also understands that Americans expect to work in and visit work environments that are safe and secure.

Consumers want to be safe when entering places of business, when entrusting the care and well-being of themselves and that of their loved ones’ to others, and when inviting workers in to their homes. These are also values CDIA shares.

Data is everywhere. How it’s used is critical. Data, Delivered for Good, is a blog that highlights the power of data to improve people’s lives. Data helps businesses, governments, and nonprofits prevent fraud, manage public money more carefully, protect the public from crime, and so much more. It may exist in cyberspace, but data can solve real world problems. Data, Delivered for Good, highlights places where data turns challenges into opportunities.

Federal Review offers regular updates of legislative, administrative, and judicial news of interest to the consumer reporting community.

Judicial Review offers regular updates of legal news of interest to the consumer reporting community.

February 20, 2015
Over the last few years, we have written about an emerging and unlikely alliance of strange bedfellows from both the left...
December 8, 2014
In November 2014, there was a Justice Reinvestment National Summit in San Diego convened by Pew, the Justice Center of CSG...
October 30, 2014
Politico reported in October 2014 that Edwina Rogers, “who served in both Bush administrations and in several posts on the Hill,...
October 28, 2014
We noticed a column that appeared on Oct. 23 in the New York Times, A Plan to Cut Costs and Crime:...
September 15, 2014
We know that the issue of reentry often transcends party lines. Here is some additional context from the perspective of reentry...