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CDIA sponsored a webinar with Michael A. Turner, Ph.D., founder, president, and CEO of PERC; and Patrick Walker, M.A., director of research of PERC.  PERC is the Policy & Economic Research Council (PERC).  The webinar discussed PERC’s research critical of data suppression.  In July 2020, the Policy & Economic Research Council (PERC) issued a new report and press release in July 2020.

The report found that “that data suppression/deletion measures put forward in some proposed legislation addressing the economic fallout of COVID-19 was more likely to harm borrowers than to help them. This report, titled Addition is Better than Subtraction: The Risks from Data Suppression and Benefits of Adding More Positive Data in Credit Reporting reviewed previous research that looked at data deletion and found that lower-income and minority borrowers would be most harmed. The report also recommended “adding positive (on-time) payment data of telecoms, cable and satellite TV, and broadband companies into the credit reporting system, rather than deleting negative (late) payment data.”