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Combining old data and new data, CFA [Consumer Federation of America] issued a release and a report in 2015 noting that “[g]ood drivers living in predominantly African American ZIP codes are charged significantly higher premiums than similar drivers in largely white communities, even after accounting for population density and income levels, according to a report released today.  The Consumer Federation of America reviewed quotes from the five largest insurers by ZIP code and found that, on average, predominantly African American communities are quoted premiums that are 70 percent higher than similarly situated drivers in predominantly white communities ($1,060 vs. $622).”

The new report, High Price of Mandatory Auto Insurance in Predominantly African American Communities, points readers to “A previous analysis [in 2013] of these data found that good drivers with low credit scores are charged as much as 123 percent more than drivers with high credit scores, controlling for all other factors including driving record.” The Use of Credit Scores by Auto Insurers: Adverse Impacts on Low- and Moderate-Income Drivers.