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The Warrick family has been a valued family in the annals of American credit reporting.  When this photo was taken in May 1945, Melvin T. (“Tug”) Warrick was the Assistant Manager of Spokane Credit Bureau.  Warrick took over the business from his father-in-law, N.M. MacLeod, and held that job until his death in 1979.  MacLeod founded the credit bureau in 1903.  Warrick was active in his state and district credit bureau associations and on the CBR Board. He served on the Associated Credit Bureaus Credit Reporting Division Committee from 1949-55 and again in 1959. He was a member of the Associated Credit Bureaus (“ACB”) Board of Directors from 1957  to 1963.  In 1969, Mr. Warrick received ACB’s International CRD Award. He wrote the “Manual for Family Debt Counseling” published by ICCA 10th Dist. and distributed nationally by ICCA.  Warrick’s wife, Dorothy E. Warrick, worked at the credit bureau until she was 90 years old.