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Antitrust (1)

Monopoly (1)

Oligopoly (1)

Somosky v. CDIA (1)

In June 2020, Melissa Somosky filed suit against CDIA in federal court in New York, alleging violations of federal antitrust law.

Relevant documents:

  • Complaint (June 2020)
  • CDIA’s request to Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil to file a motion to dismiss (8/24/2020)
  • Somosky’s reply to CDIA’s request (8/28/20)
  • Somosky’s amended complaint (9/18/20)
  • Somosky’s request that the Court consent to the unopposed late-filed amended complaint (9/230/2020)
  • CDIA’s motion to dismiss (11/20/2020)
  • Somosky’s response to the motion to dismiss (12/21/2020)
  • CDIA’s reply memorandum in support of its motion to dismiss the amended complaint (1/5/2020)