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03 Dec 2020The first CCPA class settlements; clarity elusive

As aptly put by a Davis, Wright, Tremaine blog post, “[f]or those of us waiting to see how the CCPA’s statutory…

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13 Aug 2020The possible long arm of the CCPA

The Retail Equation (formerly known as The Return Exchange) was hit in early-2020 with a class action earlier this year.  Sephora…

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19 Jun 2020CCPA litigation: Shaping the contours of the private right of action

A helpful blog posting from the IAPP discussed the private right of action in the CCPA.  “Now that plaintiffs have started…

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31 Jan 2020CCPA and the Federal Privacy Progenitors

As we wait for California’s Attorney General to implement regulations regarding the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), a new ballot initiative,…

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