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CDIA is excited to announce the 2024 Metro 2® Format Advanced Workshop will be in two locations: Nashville, Tennessee on September 17-18, 2024 and in Clearwater, Florida on Nov. 19-20, 2024! Secure your seat today to network with your peers, deepen relationships with your Metro 2® colleagues and interact directly with the Metro 2® Task Force.

Throughout this live interactive workshop, the Metro 2® Task Force, comprised of representatives from Equifax, Experian, Innovis and TransUnion, will guide you through key Metro 2® reporting requirements including multiple scenarios to reinforce your learning.

Seating is limited. This is the only face-to-face Metro 2® training developed and authorized by Equifax, Experian, Innovis and TransUnion.

Registration Fees

Early Bird pricing: $1,895 per person (through July 31, 2024)

Regular Registration: $1,945 per person 

Includes all workshop materials, including an electronic copy of the Credit Reporting Resource Guide®, continental breakfast, lunch and AM & PM refreshments, and networking opportunities.

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You asked! We answered. Introducing our enhanced workshop format, designed by the Metro 2® Task Force to deliver even more interactive and enriching sessions. Designed to build upon the Metro 2® fundamentals workshop, and addressing the most critical Metro 2® reporting topics for furnishers, our revamped format offers:

  • Interactive Discussions. Connect with industry peers in open discussions, contributing insights and best practices in Metro 2® reporting.
  • Expert Insights. Gain exposure to the Metro 2® Task Force providing invaluable perspectives on each topic.
  • More Networking!  With two new networking opportunities, including a networking lunch and Metro 2® Trivia Night, attendees will gain exposure to others in the field and have some fun!
  • Two new bonus sessions! The agenda includes 2 new bonus sessions focusing on consumer disputes and FCRA regulations from top experts in the field!

Whether you’re seeking clarity on reporting nuances, anticipating upcoming industry shifts, or simply eager to explore in-depth topics, the Metro 2® Task Force members are your trusted guides. To tailor each session to your needs, we invite you to submit your questions beforehand. This ensures that our discussions address the issues that matter most to you.

On-site registration begins 8 am on Day 1 and the workshop goes through to 4 pm on Day 2.  Learn more about the agenda below.

Day 1
September 17, 2024

Registration & Breakfast

7:30 – 8:30 AM CT

Welcome & Opening Remarks

8:30 – 8:40 AM CT

Ursula Gatewood, Data Steward, Equifax

Join the Metro 2® Task Force as they kick off the two day workshop!

State of the Industry

8:40 – 9:10 AM CT

Dan Smith, President & CEO, Consumer Data Industry Association

Join Dan Smith, President & CEO, at CDIA as he kicks off the Metro 2® Format Advanced Workshop leading a discussion on the current trajectory of the consumer reporting industry, amidst a backdrop of political division, economic uncertainty, evolving regulatory priorities from the CFPB, the FTC, and others.

Delving deeper, CDIA will outline the landscape for 2024, heralding it as the year of significant FCRA rulemaking and exploring the implications for industry stakeholders. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the pressing issues on the horizon and learn how CDIA is proactively responding, advocating, and spearheading initiatives towards sensible policy solutions.

Key discussion points will include navigating the complexities of data broker issues at both state and federal levels, credit header and fraud prevention mechanisms, and addressing the intricacies surrounding medical debt within the consumer reporting framework. Exploring opportunities and challenges, participants will gain actionable insights into the evolving landscape and CDIA’s ongoing efforts to champion the interests of its members.

Navigating 2024: Metro 2® Revisions, Industry Insights, and Best Reporting Practices

9:15 – 10:15 AM CT

Metro 2® Task Force

In this session, attendees will join the Metro 2® Task Force Members and their industry peers for an open forum to discuss common industry questions and topics covering various elements across the reporting landscape, including the 2024 CRRG® Revisions.

 During this session, attendees can discuss their current Metro 2® challenges and questions. We encourage attendees to include pre-submitted questions to enhance this experience.

Key Fields in Metro 2® Reporting to Ensure Accuracy:  Date of Account Information – Account Status – Payment Rating – Payment History Profile – Date of First Delinquency

10:30 A – 12:15 PM CT

Pat Dubie, Consultant, Consumer Data Industry Association
Ryan O’Hara, Senior Manager, Data Operations, TransUnion
Darin Wharton, Manager, Global Data Contributor Services Group, Equifax

In this session, we will discuss the various frequencies for reporting (i.e. monthly or cyclical) and how to ensure the accuracy of these fields depending on when the data is reported.

Additionally, we will review the various fields that comprise the payment status information, including the standards and importance of Date of First Delinquency, Account Status and Payment Rating.  The group will complete new intricate scenarios that will provide valid illustrations of how these key fields work in harmony to tell an accurate story.

Attendees will walk away with a better understanding:

  • What is a monthly reporting period?
  • How the Date of Account Information affects these fields.
  • How to determine account statuses
  • The statuses that require a Payment Rating and identifying the correct combination of values to report.
  • How to accurately populate the payment history profile.
  • Exhibit 9 (DOFD Hierarchy Rules) and how to accurately report the DOFD
  • How to accurately report multiple times within a monthly reporting period.
  • How to correct historical inaccuracies when changes are necessary.


12:15 – 1:15 PM CT

Enjoy a casual lunch to meet and engage with your peers throughout the industry.

Mastering Bankruptcy: Navigating Chapter 7 & 13

1:15 – 4:00 PM CT

Laura Gray, Advisor, Data Operations, TransUnion
Dan Cunningham, Team Lead of Data Management Services, Innovis
Jared Weeks, Sr. Manager – Data Risk Management, Experian
Brian Campbell, Data Process Management Director, Experian

In these two Bankruptcy sessions, we will focus on the reporting of Bankruptcy Chapter 7 & 13 and the different guidelines for the Filer and Non-Filer.  During this session, there will be an open forum with attendees for discussion on complex situations, with the opportunity to ask questions directly of the Metro 2® Task Force. Scenarios will be based on the current simplified guidance and will help to clarify how the guidelines are used each month throughout the Bankruptcy Chapter 7 & 13 lifecycle.

Key topics include:

  • Preparing for the Retirement of legacy Bankruptcy guidance
  • Differences between Filer, Non-Filer, and all Filer situations
  • Correlation between Bankruptcy and DOFD
  • Frequently Asked Questions from Furnishers

METRO 2® TRIVIA NIGHT: Test Your Knowledge on Logical Data Field Relationships!

4:15 – 5:30 PM CT

Dan Cunningham, Team Lead of Data Management Services, Innovis
Brian Campbell, Data Process Management Director, Experian

How well do you know the Metro 2® Format?  Test and demonstrate your understanding of Metro 2®, as members of the Task Force walk you through complex data field combinations and scenarios to highlight impacts to accuracy and integrity.  You will identify and/or correct illogical values for provided scenarios in this highly interactive session.

  • Earn prizes and amaze your colleagues in this interactive session!
  • Get to know your peers in a fun game environment!
  • No section of the CRRG® is off limits!

Day 2
September 18, 2024


7:30 – 8:30 AM CT

Breakout Sessions

8:30 – 9:30 AM CT

On Day 2 of the Metro 2® Workshops, attendees will select the breakout session of their choice. Breakouts allow for deeper discussions on the topics most important to your industries and needs.

Please select 1 optional break-out session from the following list. Please choose industry appropriate sessions to maximize your experience.  If attending with colleagues from the same organization, consider separating and signing up for different sessions for maximum coverage.

CDIA reserves the right to adjust breakout sessions based on availability. Attendees will be notified in advance of the workshop the breakout session they have been assigned to if not their first choice.

Breakout 1: Revved Up: Exploring Auto Guidance for Furnishers

A deep dive into the expanded auto lease guidance, based on furnisher feedback along with other auto industry best practices. Attendees will complete new sophisticated scenarios that will coincide with the FAQs.


  • Discussions surrounding prepaid leases or leases paid prior to maturity.
  • Auto Repossession & Voluntary Surrender


Breakout 2:  A Conventional Look at Mortgages

During this interactive session, we will discuss various mortgage related definitions and associated reporting.  Attendees will work through newly designed scenarios to enhance their learning.

Key discussion topics include:

  • Temporary Relief Payment Plan (Forbearance, Deferment, Partial Payment Agreements)
  • Stages of Foreclosure
  • Refinancing and Term Changes
  • Construction Loans
  • HELOC: Home Equity Line of Credit


Breakout 3: The Reporting Nuances & Strategies of Cards

In this breakout session, there will be an open discussion on card reporting nuances and strategic insights pertaining to Revolving, Open, and Line of Credit accounts. In this engaging session, attendees will participate in an open discussion aimed at unraveling the complexities of card reporting.

Key discussion topics include:

  • How to address lost or stolen accounts
  • How to report fraudulent accounts
  • Special Comment Code nuances
  • Account closure due to inactivity
  • Product Graduation
    • Secured to Unsecured
    • Account / Portfolio Type changes
  • Off-cycle/Event reporting


Breakout 4: Jack of All Trades:  Banking/Finance, Managing Multiple Portfolios

This session is tailored for attendees managing multiple lines of business and are seeking a more dynamic and diverse learning experience. Join us as we explore various Portfolio Types, delve into best practices, and tackle topics that shape the reporting landscape. Rather than focusing on one specific portfolio, this session promises to touch on a few highlights from each session.

Transferred or Sold Accounts: A Journey through Data Conversion

10:00 – 11:30 AM CT

Laura Gray, Advisor, Data Operations, TransUnion
Darin Wharton, Manager, Global Data Contributor Services Group, Equifax
Ursula Gatewood, Data Steward, Equifax

Discuss and participate in transferred or sold reporting scenarios and learn how to minimize risk. This session will discuss the best practices for reporting accounts that are transferred or sold.  Specific focus will detail the two options available to accurately report accounts meeting these conditions to the credit reporting agencies.

 Topics include:

  • Discussion on furnishers’ best practices for successful conversions
  • FAQ 46, 47 & 48 (Transferred/Sold/Purchased accounts)
  • L1 and K2 Segments applicability

How and when to utilize Exhibit 15 (Data Conversion Checklist)

Open Forum  – Question & Answer with the Task Force

11:30 A – 12:00 PM CT

Metro 2® Task Force

Join us on Day 2 for an engaging Open Forum session where you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to participate in a dynamic Q & A session with our highly knowledgeable Task Force members. Have burning questions about Metro 2® guidelines, and/or reporting challenges? This is your chance to get direct answers and insights from the experts.

Whether you’re seeking clarification on specific reporting scenarios, curious about upcoming changes in industry standards, or eager to delve into nuanced topics, our Task Force members are here to provide clarity and guidance.

To make the most of this session, we encourage attendees to submit their questions in advance, ensuring that our discussion covers the topics most relevant to you. Don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge and expertise straight from the source. Join us and let’s navigate the complexities of reporting together!

Networking Lunch for Data Furnishers

12:00 – 1:30 PM CT

Join us for an exclusive networking lunch tailored for data furnishers! This event provides a unique opportunity to connect with industry peers, share insights, and discuss the latest trends and challenges in data furnishing. Enjoy a delicious meal while engaging in meaningful conversations with professionals who understand the intricacies of data management and reporting. Whether you’re looking to forge new partnerships or simply gain fresh perspectives, this lunch is the perfect setting to enhance your professional network. Don’t miss out on this chance to collaborate and learn in a relaxed, informal environment.


1:30 – 2:30 PM CT

Investigating Credit Disputes: Legal Risks & Strategies for Data Furnishers under the FCRA

Join Andrew Smith, Partner at Covington & Burling LLP, as he examines the legal requirements and regulatory landscape around the dispute resolution process and discusses practical tips for handling disputes. This event includes a live Q&A session moderated by Dan Smith, President & CEO at the Consumer Data Industry Association.

e-OSCAR® Update with Joel Strickland

2:30 – 3:30 PM CT

Joel Strickland Director, Client Relations Online Data Exchange, New Management Services

During the session, Joel will discuss a variety of topics about e-OSCAR®, focusing on the e-OSCAR® 4.0 application. He will also share an overview of services and offerings available, and what things the team is working on to make your job of responding to consumer credit disputes simpler!


This workshop is for individuals who are familiar with the individual fields in Metro 2® but wish to continue your learning & stay current with industry guidelines. For individuals who are new data reporting, it is recommended that individuals attend the Metro 2® Fundamentals Webinar Series prior to the Advanced Workshop to best support the more accelerated paces of the Advanced Workshop.

Metro 2® Access Policy: Access to any Metro 2® program or product is limited to employees of (a) companies that furnish data to consumer reporting agencies in the Metro 2® Format, (b) data processors that furnish data to consumer reporting agencies in the Metro 2® Format, (c) software vendors that provide Metro 2® Format software, or (d) an entity sponsoring the program or product.

Disclaimer: The sponsor of any Metro 2® Format product or program reserves the right to deny attendance to anyone who does not meet the Metro 2® Access Policy.


Registration cancellations received prior to the 30-day period leading up to a workshop will be refunded less an administrative fee of $395. Registration cancellations received within the 30-day period prior to the workshop will not be eligible to receive a refund. If the conference is cancelled, CDIA will refund all money deposited, but is not responsible for additional expenses, such as travel/hotel costs.


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