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Annual Teleseminar/Webinar Subscription


As an Annual Subscriber, you also receive access to our current on-demand archive to replay past CDIA regulatory compliance teleseminars/webinars at your convenience. You will see a sampling of our most recent webinars below:

On-Demand: The 2022 Elections and its Impact on the Consumer Reporting Ecosystem (Nov 2022)

On-Demand: A CFPB and FTC Update on Privacy & Data Security Practices (Oct 2022)

On-Demand: CDIA State Legislative Update (Oct 2022)

On-Demand: Exciting Times at the Federal Agencies: An update on the FTC and CFPB (Sept 2022)

On-Demand: A Case for Accuracy and the Legal Validity of a Debt – Sessa V. TransUnion (Sept 2022)

To Be or Not to Be? U.S. Federal Privacy Law Gains Momentum (July 2022)

On-Demand: Big Changes in Medical Collections Debt Reporting (April 2022)

The CFPB’s View of Credit Reporting –A CDIA Webinar (March 2022)

Privacy & Data Security Preview (March 2022)

A Survey of Emerging Trends & Issues in Consumer Reporting (March 2022)

Visualizing the 2022 Political Landscape (Jan 2022)

On-Demand: FTC Expands Safeguards Rule to Address Cybersecurity Risks & Privacy (Dec 2021)

On-Demand: Regulatory Changes Pave the Way for a New Era of Consumer Protection (Nov 2021)

On-Demand: Post Accommodation Reporting under CARES Act (Aug 2021)

On-Demand: CDIA State Legislative Update (Aug 2021)

On-Demand: Supreme Court Decision: TransUnion v. Ramirez – A CDIA Webinar (June 2021)

On-Demand: New Directions at the CFPB & FTC (May 2021)

On-Demand: A Changing Landscape: Supervision, Examination, and Enforcement in the Credit Reporting Ecosystem (April 2021)

On-Demand: CFPB Taskforce on Federal Consumer Law Report- What Does it Mean for You? (March 2021)

On-Demand: Congressional Outlook: Impact on the Consumer Reporting Ecosystem (February 2021)

On-Demand: Post Accommodations Under the CARES Act (January 2021)

On-Demand: A State of Transition: CDIA Post-Election Outlook (January 2021)