CDIA Education Services (CDIA ES) offers comprehensive regulatory compliance training solutions
to help organizations in the consumer reporting industry perform their due diligence in today’s
increasingly complex regulatory environment.

Metro 2®Training

Metro 2® Training

CDIA’s educational materials are the most authoritative source on credit reporting using the industry standard Metro 2® Format.

Compliance Training

Regulatory Compliance Training

Our interactive online courses provide targeted training tailored to meet your regulatory compliance needs.



CDIA events feature the most pertinent topics in regulatory compliance presented by leading industry experts. 



Stay informed with our easy-to-use reference guides of the Fair Credit Reporting Act & Metro 2® Format. 


Mar 2: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion Announce Extension of Free Weekly Credit Reports to Help Americans During COVID-19

WASHINGTON, DC – The three nationwide consumer credit reporting agencies are extending free weekly credit reports to Americans for an additional...

March 24: CFPB’s Taskforce on Federal Consumer Financial Law Report: What Does it Mean for You?

In January 2021, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Taskforce on Federal Consumer Financial Law released an extensive two-volume report with...

Feb 23: Metro 2® Webinar- Accounts Included in Bankruptcy Chapter 7

The Metro 2® Accounts Included in Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Webinar was developed in collaboration with recognized leaders in Metro 2® Format reporting,...