Metro 2® Format

Metro 2® Training

  • CDIA’s educational materials are the most authoritative source of information on reporting using the Metro 2® Format.
  • Based on what you learn, you may identify changes or enhancements needed for your existing Metro 2® program.
  • The Metro 2® e-Learning course is an indispensable companion resource that reinforces the information contained in the Credit Reporting Resource Guide®.
  • Organizations training multiple employees qualify for their own portal on CDIA’s Learning Management System to manage employees’ registrations as they wish, all for one low price.

The Metro 2® Task Force

The Metro 2® Task Force is comprised of representatives from the nation’s top credit reporting agencies
— Equifax, Experian, Innovis and TransUnion. The Task Force maintains the Metro 2® Format, a data specification created for data furnishers to report credit information to major credit reporting agencies in a standardized format. This extensive format is implemented in credit reporting software packages and is designed to standardize a wide range of credit information while complying with federal laws and regulations for credit reporting.