Metro 2® Webinars On-Demand


Access our Metro 2® webinars at your convenience by registering for the on-demand version. The webinar replay and handout material are emailed to you approximately 48 hours after ordering.

Metro 2® Webinars are presented and/or approved by experienced representatives from Equifax, Experian, Innovis, and TransUnion. To help you stay ahead of the curve, these events provide you with the tools needed to better understand the guidelines used  to properly report data to consumer reporting agencies.


The Metro 2® Beginner

New to the Metro 2® Reporting? The following webinars, course, and events are best for those new to Metro 2® reporting looking to gain a strong foundation on the standard use of the Metro 2® Format with thorough training:

The Metro 2® Advanced Learner

The Metro 2® Advanced Learner trainings are best for individuals who are familiar with the individual fields in the Metro 2®, but wish to continue learning & stay current with industry guidelines:


CDIA offers various complementing courses/events to expand your knowledge in the consumer reporting field. Take advantage of a broader collection of our training offerings with our cost-effective bundle packages. For more information, visit our Metro 2® Training Bundles Page.

Metro 2® Access Policy:

Access to any Metro 2® program or product is limited to employees of (a) companies that furnish data to consumer reporting agencies in the Metro 2® Format, (b) data processors that furnish data to consumer reporting agencies in the Metro 2® Format, (c) software vendors that provide Metro 2® Format software, (d) consumer reporting agencies that accept or transmit data in the Metro 2® format, or (e) an entity sponsoring the program or product.

Disclaimer: The sponsor of any Metro 2® Format product or program reserves the right to deny attendance to anyone who does not meet the Metro 2® Access Policy.