The Virtual CDIA Law & Industry Conference

GETTING IT RIGHT: Data Quality to Better Serve Consumers

in a COVID-19 World

Date: Sept 23, 2020 @ 2:50 pm ET


Donna Smith, Chief Data Officer, Experian
Drew Rosedale, Data Contributor Services Leader, Equifax

Jim Garst, Sr. Director- Data Governance, TransUnion

Jared Weeks, Manager- Data Governance, TransUnion / Metro 2® Task Force Chairperson 

Moderator: Francis Creighton – President & CEO, Consumer Data Industry Association


When COVID 19 hit, our industry had the tools it needed to respond. Our flexible system gave data furnishers the room they needed to help consumers the best way they could. The CARES Act gave consumers, CRAs, lenders and servicers other powerful tools to help consumers today and empower a recovery tomorrow. 

 Join us for this CDIA Law & Industry Conference Tri-Bureau panel to get a closer insight into what the bureaus are seeing in regard to accommodations under the CARES ACT, including current trends, what are they hearing from lenders and furnishers and how the bureaus are working together on further guidance for helping people even after they have had an accommodation. 

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