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On-Demand Replay

Did you want to catch a live CDIA broadcast but didn’t have the time?

CDIA Webinars & Teleseminars feature some of the industry’s leading experts discussing the most pertinent legal and regulatory issues in our ecosystem. Given the unprecedented legal and regulatory challenges facing our industry, it is essential to be in the know.

Here’s your chance to access our past events on demand replay of an event at your convenience! The replay file as well as the handout material will be emailed to you approximately 48 hours after the event.



FCRA – How to Use CFPB Consent Orders to Enhance Your Furnishing Program (Dec.2022)

On-Demand: The 2022 Elections and its Impact on the Consumer Reporting Ecosystem (Nov. 2022)

On-Demand: A CFPB and FTC Update on Privacy & Data Security Practices (Oct. 2022)

On-Demand: CDIA State Legislative Update (Oct. 2022)

On-Demand: Exciting Times at the Federal Agencies: An update on the FTC and CFPB (Sept. 2022)

On-Demand: A Case for Accuracy and the Legal Validity of a Debt – Sessa V. TransUnion (Sept. 2022)

On-Demand: To Be or Not to Be? Bipartison U.S. Federal Privacy Bill Gains Momentum (July 2022)

On-Demand: Big Changes in Reporting Medical Collections Debt Tradelines (April 2022)

On-Demand: The CFPB’s View of Credit Reporting –A CDIA Webinar (March 2022)

On-Demand Privacy & Data Security Preview (March 2022)

On Demand: A Survey of Emerging Trends & Issues in Consumer Reporting (March 2022)

Visualizing the 2022 Political Landscape (Jan. 2022)

On-Demand: FTC Expands Safeguards Rule to Address Cybersecurity Risks & Privacy (Dec. 2021)

On-Demand: Regulatory Changes Pave the Way for a New Era of Consumer Protection  (Nov. 2021)

On-Demand: Post Accommodation Reporting under CARES Act (Aug. 2021)

On-Demand: Supreme Court Decision: TransUnion v. Ramirez – A CDIA Webinar (June 2021)

On-Demand: New Directions at the CFPB & FTC (May 2021)

On-Demand: A Changing Landscape: Supervision, Examination, and Enforcement in the Credit Reporting Ecosystem (April 2021)

On-Demand: CFPB Taskforce on Federal Consumer Law Report- What Does it Mean for You? (March 2021)

On-Demand: Congressional Outlook: Impact on the Consumer Reporting Ecosystem (February 2021)

On-Demand: Post Accommodations Under the CARES Act (January 2021)