Here and Now is a syndicated radio program produced by WBUR in Boston.  A segment ran on WAMU, the public radio station serving the DC-area, about “EDWINS, a French restaurant in Cleveland’s Shaker Square, celebrates its one year anniversary this month.”  Bistro Trains Ex-Inmates In the Art Of Fine Dining.  The Here and Now story was first reported by WCPN, the public radio station for Cleveland, Ohio.  According to Brandon Chrostowski, the founder and CEO of EDWINS Leadership and Restaurant Institute, the restaurant is expected to make nearly $1.5 million in sales this year. “That money and support from private donors sustains the operation.  Classes are held in the basement, with prospective students fed through a pipeline of correctional facilities, job services, and homeless shelters.”  Mr. Chrostowski recently wrote an op ed, Prison gave me a recipe for freedom.  If you are looking for fine dining in Cleveland, EDWINS has 4.5 on Yelp and 92% on TripAdvisor.   Cleveland Magazine recommends the “creme brulee ($7) [which] is flawless with its paper-thin sugar crust and a perfectly smooth, just-set custard.”