Privacy and data security measures continue to be at the forefront of both the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Federal Trade Commission’s agenda with the warning of strong enforcement actions in the future. The CFPB recently issued a press release and circular focusing on financial companies potential for violating federal consumer financial protection law when they fail to safeguard consumer data and warned that entities can violate the prohibition on unfair acts or practices in the Consumer Financial Protection Act (CFPA) when they have insufficient data protection or information security.

The FTC held a recent forum seeking public comment on the alleged harms stemming from commercial surveillance and perceived lax data security practices. The Commission is considering whether new rules are needed to protect people’s privacy and information.

Join Becki Kuehn, Partner, Hudson Cook, and Megan Nicholls, Partner, Hudson Cook on Oct 12th @ 2pm ET as they take a deep look at the new proposed rules and regulations on privacy and data security. This event includes a live Q&A session moderated by Eric J. Ellman, Senior Vice President of Public Policy and Legal Affairs at CDIA.