The new 2024 Metro 2® Format Advanced Workshop agenda is here! CDIA’s Metro 2® Format Advanced Workshop is the premier event for in-depth learning and expertise in the Metro 2® Format reporting standards. Uniquely developed and presented by seasoned representatives from Equifax, Experian, Innovis, and TransUnion, this live, interactive workshop stands as the most authoritative source of information in the industry.

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New interactive agenda!

Introducing our enhanced workshop format, designed by the Metro 2® Task Force to deliver even more interactive and enriching sessions including:

  • Navigating 2024: Metro 2® Revisions, Industry Insights, and Best Reporting Practices
  • An Open Forum – Question & Answers with the Metro 2® Task Force
  • Key Fields in Metro 2® Reporting to Ensure Accuracy: Date of Account Information – Account Status – Payment Rating – Payment History Profile – Date of First Delinquency
  • Mastering Bankruptcy: Navigating Chapter 7 & 13
  • Transferred or Sold Accounts: A Journey through Data Conversion

New breakout sessions!

Breakout sessions allow for deeper discussions on the topics most important to your industries and needs.

  • Revved Up: Exploring Auto Guidance for Furnisher
  • A Conventional Look at Mortgages
  • The Reporting Nuances & Strategies of Cards
  • Jack of All Trades: Banking/Finance, Managing Multiple Portfolios

New Bonus Sessions!

Bonus sessions focusing on consumer disputes and FCRA regulations from top experts in the field!

  • The State of the Industry with Dan Smith, President & CEO, CDIA
  • Investigating Credit Disputes: Legal Risks & Strategies for Data Furnishers under the FCRA
  • An e-Oscar® Update with Joel Strickland

More Networking Opportunities!

With two new networking opportunities attendees will gain exposure to others in the field and have some fun!

  • Metro 2® Trivia Night
  • Industry Networking Lunch

Attendees will receive unparalleled guidance on the latest and most critical Metro 2® reporting requirements, ensuring they stay at the forefront of industry standards. Tailored for individuals already familiar with the Metro 2® fields, this workshop offers an exceptional opportunity to deepen their understanding and stay current with evolving guidelines, setting it apart as the definitive event for advanced Metro 2® learning.

For more information on the event, agenda, session descriptions and/or to register, visit the CDIA website.

To view CDIA’s Metro 2® attendance policy, please click here.