The Justice Center of the Council of State Governments (CSG) highlighted a conference in Atlanta, Reducing the Risk of a Criminal Record: The Employer’s Perspective. At this conference state leaders and business executives convened to address barriers to employment faced by individuals with criminal records, and to discuss strategies for improving employment outcomes. The Justice Center posting noted that “panelists…addressed hiring challenges and risks.” A Home Depot executive noted that “there is often the pressure to protect brand image from the stigma of hiring individuals with criminal records.” Yet, as the Justice Center added in its posting, the conversation in Atlanta is

part of the growing conversation across the country between business leaders and policymakers on improving employment outcomes for individuals with criminal records. It is modeled after an event held in June 2014 at the White House, and is inspired by “State Pathways to Prosperity,” an initiative of the Council of State Governments, which is supported by the CSG Justice Center’s Reentry and Employment project. To learn more how you can host similar conversations in your jurisdiction, click