The Laura and John Arnold Foundation announced in June 2015, that

As was reported today by The New York Times in “Turning the Granting of Bail Into a Science,” the Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF) is launching one of the most significant criminal justice reform initiatives currently underway in the United States.

Twenty-one new jurisdictions will adopt LJAF’s Public Safety Assessment (PSA), a risk assessment tool that helps judges make accurate, efficient and evidence-based decisions about which defendants should be detained prior to trial, and which can be safety released. The tool helps judges increase public safety while reducing jail populations.

Once the rollout is complete, the PSA will have been implemented in 29 jurisdictions, including three entire states – Arizona, Kentucky and New Jersey – as well as three of the largest cities in the country – Charlotte, Chicago and Phoenix.

On the Laura and John Arnold Foundation website, you will find more information about the PSA, including a press release describing the announcement, an overview of how the PSA was developed, and contact information for jurisdictions interested in learning more about the tool.