Incentives for Employers is a Win for Workers

JD Supra has a post about a recent Kentucky law that makes it easier for employers to hire people with a prior criminal history. One of the barriers to reentry is the liability that employers might absorb if a person with a prior criminal history recidivates on the job. One way to bring more people in to the workforce is by adding incentives to employers to hire more people with a prior criminal history. A new law in the Bluegrass State does just that.

Under a new Kentucky law [H.B. 497 (2021), (Acts Ch. 182)]

employers can hire qualified applicants with criminal records without fearing legal barriers and liabilities. Specifically, House Bill 497 creates a certificate program that will give employers relief from civil liability for hiring an ex-offender who was trained for a particular job. The goal is to enhance the ability of formerly incarcerated people to get jobs once they are in the community to further aid in their rehabilitation and reintegration.