To combat extensive government fraud, states need to fight fire with fire.  “Jon Coss, CEO and founder of Pondera Solutions Inc., a firm that ferrets out fraud, waste, and abuse in health-care and government programs,” told Bloomberg News that “[t]hese benefit programs are clearly very outmanned and outgunned…You can’t do this with just people, you have to have machines. The other guys do.”  To help turn the tide against massive fraud, “[s]tates are using artificial intelligence and other high-tech tools to identify and deny billions of dollars in fraudulent claims as they deal with a surge in Covid-19-related unemployment.”  States’ use of AI allows government agencies to identify new and emerging trends, even predict them with some sort of accuracy and stop them before they go out the door.

States Deploy Artificial Intelligence to Stop Unemployment Fraud, Bloomberg Law, Sept. 22, 2020.