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A Summary of Federal Issues Impacting the Consumer Reporting Industry

24 Jan 2020Artificial Intelligence: Federal Guidance Coming

Artificial intelligence may be the buzzphrase replacing blockchain in the policy and media world.  There is a lot of attention being…

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14 Jan 2020CFPB Announces Members of New Taskforce on Federal Consumer Financial Law

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has recently announced the membership of the Taskforce on Federal Consumer Financial Law. The creation of…

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07 Jan 2020The Data Debate: Presidential Candidates on Consumer Data

The Democratic presidential candidates have chimed in on the data debate. They are focusing their attentions on housing, credit reporting, employment…

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07 Jan 2020On Our Radar: The Sense of the House Committee on Financial Services Regarding Consumer Data

Over the past year we have seen an unprecedented amount of legislation concerning our industry pass out of the House Financial…

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