CDIA Access Policy – Account Creation

CDIA accounts are available to employees of CDIA members (consumer reporting agencies) and employees who in regular course of business a) report information to a CDIA member using the Metro 2 ® Format, (b) report to a CDIA member information that is intended to become part of a consumer file under the FCRA, (c) receive consumer reports from a member of CDIA, or (d) otherwise have an ongoing business relationship with CDIA or one of its members.

A corporate email address is required for account creation.

No one may create a CDIA account if they are an employee of or under contract with a company that is required or is likely to be required to comply with the federal Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA).

Organizations and individuals that do not qualify under the above access policy, and/or accounts created with personal email addresses are subject to deletion. Additional restrictions apply for access to  Metro 2® products.

No one may use CDIA’s logo, name, or acronym without CDIA’s permission. Accessing the program and paying for it does not constitute permission under any circumstance.

If you are still unsure if you qualify, please contact CDIA at


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