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June 6, 2022
5pm- 6pm ET

Opening Reception Sponsored by Hudson Cook LLP

Anything is possible for Hayley Arceneaux, the youngest American to ever orbit the earth! As a pediatric cancer survivor at age 10, Hayley overcame bone cancer thanks to her experience at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which led her to make history when she joined Inspiration4, the first all civilian space mission to orbit Earth- a trip that raised over $240 million for St. Jude!

CDIA and sponsor Hudson Cook, LLP are pleased to announce that Hayley Arceneaux will join the CDIA Law & Industry Conference’s Opening Reception as our special guest! Her uplifting story is one of inspiration that we all need today- one of unsurmountable odds and a spirit to live life to the fullest!

June 7, 2022
11:00 – 11:35 AM ET

An Opening Session with CDIA

CDIA President & CEO, Francis Creighton will kick-off the conference with a discussion on the state of the consumer reporting industry.  Over two years into the pandemic and a year and a half into Joe Biden’s Presidency, he will look at where the CFPB, the FTC and other regulators are focusing their attention, discuss the current challenges we face as an industry and opportunities ahead of us.  Mr. Creighton will address all these and more in this important discussion.


Francis Creighton, President & CEO, Consumer Data Industry Association

11:45 – 12:45 PM ET

WHERE THE ACTION IS: What is the future of privacy legislation?

With more and more states considering privacy legislation each year, privacy will continue to be the focus for new laws until Congress decides it’s time for federal action. Join top privacy experts, Maneesha Mithal, Partner, Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati, Kim Phan, Partner, Troutman Pepper, and Michael Signorelli, Partner, Venable and Sarah Ohs, Director of Government Relations at CDIA for this CDIA Law & Industry Conference session on the key privacy and data security issues that are likely to dominate the headlines in 2022.

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Maneesha Mithal, Partner, Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati

Kim Phan, Privacy & Data Security Partner, Troutman Pepper

Mike Signorelli, Partner, Venable, LLP

Sarah Ohs, Director of Government Relations, Consumer Data Industry Association

12:45 – 1:00 PM ET


1:00pm -1:25 pm ET

ASK ME ANYTHING SESSION – Boost Disputes Management Efficiency and Compliance

Are you wondering about how to achieve additional efficiencies in your disputes operations?  Deal with the frivolous disputes more effectively? Do you know the root cause of the disputes that require corrections?  Bring your questions and hear from experts about strategies to evaluate your disputes volume and streamline your processing of disputes.  Learn about actionable recommendations on applying automation to implement controls, increase efficiency, enable traceability in disputes investigations, and ensure consistency in your disputes handling.

Learn More About Disputes Management Efficiency in this Blog Post


Michelle Macartney, Managing Partner, Bridgeforce

1:25pm -2:05 pm ET

ARE YOU REALLY YOU? Developments in Identity Verification

One of the most important roles of the consumer reporting ecosystem is fighting fraud, and the first step in the fight is making sure a customer is who they say they are.  Billions of dollars of federal COVID aid were lost because of poor fraud protection, and companies must make sure that they don’t suffer that level of fraud.  This session to hear about the different ways our industry and others are fighting fraud by embracing the future of identity.


Matt Ehrlich, Senior Director, Innovation and Special Projects, Experian

Zach Martin, Senior Policy Advisor, Venable LLP

Kimberly White, Senior Director, LexisNexis® Risk Solutions

Eric Ellman, Senior Vice President, Public Policy & Legal Affairs, Consumer Data Industry Association

2:15 – 2:40 pm ET


Speed Networking works a lot like ‘Speed Dating’ without the ‘dating’. A structured opportunity to meet accomplished professionals just like yourself, in a virtual, fast-paced, face to face. Whether you are new to the industry or a long-time expert- this event offers the perfect occasion to expand your business and social contacts. Door prizes and giveaways included for those who participate!

2:50 – 3:50 pm ET

A Disputes Roadmap: Navigating Legal and Compliance Issues

Disputes and CFPB complaints about credit reports are driving the discussions in Washington and beyond.  Legal and compliance professionals need to understand the lay of the land of disputes to engage in meaningful discussions and, where needed, drive change.

Join Lisa DeLessio, Partner, Hudson Cook, and Joel Strickland, Director, Client Relations Online Data Exchange, New Management Services to discuss how to navigate your way through the legal and compliance issues raised by disputes process and understand the steps you can take to help your front line dispute investigators.

The goal of this session is to provide a roadmap to legal and compliance professionals so that they can support dispute investigators, improve the consumer experience, and work to maintain the integrity of the credit reporting system.  Questions are encouraged for this interactive session.

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Lisa DeLessio, Partner, Hudson Cook, LLP

Joel Strickland, Director, Client Relations Online Data Exchange, New Management Services

Francis Creighton, President & CEO, Consumer Data Industry Association

3:50 – 4:05 PM ET


4:05 -5:00 pm ET


Award-winning financial journalist from, Jessica Dickler, will join the CDIA Law & Industry Conference as a featured speaker. Her work has covered national news, the economy, personal finance, and consumer spending with prior experience at media outlets like,, and

As a leading personal finance writer and editor, Jessica strengthens consumers’ ability to control their financial futures. She will discuss the current state of the economy and her perspectives on the consumer reporting ecosystem, its challenges and opportunities, and its impact on consumers.

June 8, 2022
11:30 – 12:00 pm ET


Attendees of the 2022 CDIA Virtual Law and Industry Conference on June 7-8, will have the opportunity to hear from our keynote speaker, Congresswoman Suzan DelBene. Congresswoman DelBene will discuss her ongoing work in data privacy and her leadership in developing a national data privacy standard.

The Congresswoman brings a unique perspective to the policy debate on data privacy, with more than a decade at Microsoft as Vice President of the company’s mobile communications business and as the CEO and President of Nimble Technology, a business software company. As Vice Chair on the distinguished Ways and Means Committee, in additions to serving as the Chair of the New Democrat Coalition, she is a sensible and proven leader in the House of Representatives.

“We are honored to have Congresswoman DelBene join us at our Law and Industry Conference,” stated Francis Creighton, CDIA President & CEO. “We look forward to hearing from her and discussing her priorities for consumer privacy and its potential impact on the industry.”

12:10 – 1:00 pm ET


Missing business lunches and spirited conversations? Join your industry peers to convene and connect at our virtual networking lunch!  Participants will be matched by industry in this highly interactive session to share a meal with each other. All attendees will receive complimentary lunch gift card.

1:10 – 2:10 pm ET


The Metro 2® Task Force is comprised of representatives from Equifax, Experian, Innovis and TransUnion and is supported by CDIA. During this unique CDIA Law & Industry Conference session, attendees will learn about the Metro 2® Task Force’s current work throughout the industry, including research and discussions with furnishers from the auto, mortgage, student loan, rental industries; and more!

The Metro 2® Task Force will also discuss current and future updates on credit reporting, including the 2022 revisions to the Credit Reporting Resource Guide® (CRRG®). Bring your Metro 2® reporting questions- attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions directly to the Metro 2® Task Force!

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Brian Campbell, Data Process Management Director, Experian

Laura Gray, Advisor, Data Operations, TransUnion

Cathy Lemons, Data Steward, Equifax

Ryan Ohara Manager, Data Operations, TransUnion

Jeff Van Schoyck, Director of Data Management Services, Innovis

Jared Weeks Sr. Manager – Data Risk Management Experian Data Governance, Experian

Darin Wharton Senior Consultant, Global Data Contributor Services, Equifax

2:15pm -2:40 pm ET

ASK ME ANYTHING SESSION: Data Accuracy and Exam Readiness

Join Badri Sridhar, Managing Director, FTI Consulting, and Deborah Love, Director, FTI Consulting and former CFPB Examiner-in-Charge, as they share their experience, expertise and best practices for accurate data furnishing and preparing for an upcoming FCRA exam.

During this unique session, our speakers will discuss how to navigate the complex issues related to these topics and share key recommendations and pitfalls to avoid. Attendees will have a chance to bring all of their burning questions on data accuracy and exam readiness.

Deborah Love, Director, FTI Consulting
Badri Sridhar, Managing Director, FTI Consulting

2:45 pm- 3:45 pm ET

DRIVING CHANGE: Litigation & Enforcement Developments in the Consumer Reporting Industry

As Congress struggles with even “must-pass” legislation, focus is shifting from legislative changes to what regulators and the private bar are doing to drive change in the consumer reporting ecosystem.  Hear from leading litigation and enforcement professionals about trends in litigation and enforcement and how companies can protect themselves by learning from these cases.

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David Anthony, Partner, Troutman Pepper, LLP

Rebecca Kuehn, Partner, Hudson Cook, LLP

Eric Ellman, Senior Vice President, Public Policy & Legal Affairs, Consumer Data Industry Association

3:50 – 4:00 PM ET


4:00 – 5:00 pm ET


5:00 – 6:00 pm ET

CLOSING HAPPY HOUR Sponsored by Venable, LLP

Join us at this year’s Closing Happy Hour, sponsored by Venable, LLP to  network with industry peers and experts in this field as we conclude our conference together! The first 80 registrants will go home with a closing gift!