July 12, 2021
5pm- 6pm ET

Opening Reception Sponsored by Hudson Cook LLP

At this year’s Law & Industry Conference Opening Reception, CDIA and sponsor Hudson Cook LLP are pleased to announce author, Darcy Gaechter, the first woman to kayak the entire Amazon River from source to sea, will join the as our special guest!

Darcy is an adventurer, record-setter, and boundary-breaker, who will take us along her heart pounding journey across the Amazon- sharing her amazing feat that challenges stereotypes and proves that personal limits cannot be defined by anyone but yourself. Her story demonstrates how to find the courage to “do the undoable” and overcome even the most daunting of odds. Join us to hear more!


Darcy Gaechter

July 13, 2021
12:00 – 12:20 PM ET

An Opening Session with CDIA

While 2021 is proving to be less colorful than the last change in Administration, it is still incredibly consequential for our industry.  From management of the pandemic to tackling the issues of diversity and inclusion in the financial system, the Washington policy community has a lot on its plate.  CDIA President & CEO, Francis Creighton, will put these larger issues into context and let us know where we may be heading next.


Francis Creighton, President & CEO, Consumer Data Industry Association

12:25 – 1:30 PM ET

The Political Scene and its Impact on the Consumer Reporting Industry

Join CDIA President & CEO, Francis Creighton, as he interviews several Washington insiders on today’s political environment and how it is impacting the consumer reporting ecosystem. We’ll hear from experts across the political spectrum who can discuss the ideas being considered on Capitol Hill and judge their possibility of enactment. They’ll also discuss the upcoming elections and how that could change the environment once again.

1:45 – 2:15 PM ET

CONSUMERS & THE PANDEMIC: The Latest Data on Consumer Credit Standing

What is the state of consumer credit health now that COVID-19 vaccination programs are allowing for more and more of the economy to open-up? Are consumers actively seeking credit? Are their credit scores continuing to rise and if so, why? What consumers continue to have loans in some form of forbearance or accommodation program?

Hear the most up-to-date research on consumer credit behavior from Emre Sahingur, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Predictive Analytics, Research and Product Management at VantageScore Solutions. Dr. Sahingur will explain the latest consumer trends nationally, by loan type as well as geographically specific breakdowns.

Discussion Topics Include:

  • Key Factors Impacting Credit Scores
  • Payment History
  • Seeking Credit
  • Reported Delinquencies
  • The state of Accommodations


Emre Sahingur, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Predictive Analytics, Research and Product Management, VantageScore Solutions

Moderator: Owen Dodd, Manager, Government Relations at CDIA.

2:20pm -2:40 pm ET

CONSUMER COMPLAINTS: Trends in Consumer Complaints and Disputes

Between COVID-19 and a new administration in Washington, much has changed . . . but much remains the same.  Consumer complaints are still increasing, disputes continue to grow, and how furnishers respond to disputes remains at the forefront of regulators’ minds.  In this session we will discuss recent trends and expectations going forward in a fireside chat format with John Redding, a partner at Alston & Bird who represents furnishers in credit reporting regulatory and enforcement matters before federal and state regulators.


  • Recent CFPB Report based on Complaint Portal
  • The Difference between Complaints vs Disputes
  • Trends, including the Doubling of Disputes over the past year
  • Fair Credit Reinvestigation


John Redding, Partner, Alston & Bird LLP

Moderator: Eric Ellman, Senior Vice President, Public Policy & Legal Affairs at CDIA

2:45pm -3:45 pm ET

SERVING THE UNDERSERVED: An Innovative Industry Focuses on
Financial Inclusion

The public policy sphere has been dominated by one question over the last year: how do we increase diversity and inclusion across our society. In the financial system, that has translated into renewed calls to serve the un-banked and those with no or thin credit files. Of Course, credit bureaus and their customers, together with scoring companies, have been trying to help banks reach new customers for decades, but through innovation and a renewed focus, there is more going on in this space than ever before. Join representatives from the three nationwide credit bureaus for an engaging discussion with CDIA President & CEO, Francis Creighton on how the credit reporting ecosystem is working together to bring more people into the financial system.



Alpa Lally, VP, Data Business, Consumer Information Services, Experian

Peter Maynard, PHD, SVP USIS Data & Analytics, Equifax

Michael Umlauf, Senior Vice President, Data Science & Analytics, Global Operations, TransUnion

Moderator: Francis Creighton, President & CEO, Consumer Data Industry Association

3:55 – 4:45 pm ET

PRIVACY: Is Virginia the new California and will Congress finally weigh in?

Comprehensive privacy legislation continues to be at the forefront with bills across a variety of states. With new laws like the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act, companies need to reassess their collection and use of consumer personal information and modify their compliance efforts accordingly.  As more states look to enact their own comprehensive privacy laws, we wonder will Congress finally weigh in.


Join this CDIA Law & Industry Conference panel session as top legal professionals Kim Phan, Partner, Ballard Spahr, LLP, and Stuart Ingis, Partner, Venable, LLP, with moderator Sarah Ohs, Director of Government Relations at CDIA as they discuss the most important privacy legislation affecting the consumer reporting industry today.

Panel Discussion Topics include:

  • Current State of Privacy & Data Security Legislation
  • CPRA- California Privacy Rights Act
  • VCDPA- Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act
  • Data Security bills
  • Data Broker Legislation
  • Federal Privacy Legislation
  • Recent Executive Order on Cybersecurity
  • The Various Approaches to a Federal Bill
  • FTC’s updates on GLBA security rule


Stuart Ingis, Partner, Venable, LLP

Kim Phan, Partner, Ballard Spahr, LLP

Moderator: Sarah Ohs, Director of Government Relations, Consumer Data Industry Association

4:45 -5:30 pm ET

NETWORKING SESSION– Virtual Escape Room*

*RSVP required at registration; limited seating available.

July 14, 2021
12:00 – 12:55 pm ET

LUNCH & LEARN SESSION: Trends in Disputes: Tips and Tools to Complete a Reasonable Investigation

Join Lisa DeLessio, Partner, Hudson Cook, LLP, and Joel Strickland, Director, Client Relations Online Data Exchange, New Management Services (e-OSCAR), for this unique Lunch & Learn session focused on consumer disputes. Lisa and Joel will discuss recent dispute trends and share tips and tools for completing a reasonable investigation and auditing disputes. Registrants are invited to bring their questions and concerns on a variety disputed topics!

Session Key Topics:

  • Current Trends in Disputes – What can we learn from the CFPB’s 2020 Complaint Report?
  • Volume of Complaints/Disputes
  • Types of complaints/disputes
  • Identity Theft & Blocks
  • Credit Repair Organizations
  • Using e-OSCAR tools to audit and conduct root cause analysis
  • e-OSCAR Insights and other reports
  • Tradeline Block – investigating and reinserting
  • Root cause analysis
  • Enhanced audits
  • What does it mean to conduct a reasonable investigation?


Lisa DeLessio, Partner, Hudson Cook, LLP

Joel Strickland, Director, Client Relations Online Data Exchange, New Management Services

1:00 – 1:50 pm ET

LITIGATION & ENFORCEMENT TRENDS: What will we see in 2021?

There are new sheriffs in town! Join this CDIA Law & Industry Conference panel session as top legal professionals David Anthony Partner, Troutman Pepper, LLP, and Rebecca Kuehn, Partner, Hudson Cook, LLP, with moderator Eric J. Ellman, Senior Vice President, Public Policy & Legal Affairs at CDIA as they discuss enforcement trends from the CFPB and the FTC and how changes in tone and tactics will impact your business.  WebRecon shows FCRA cases filed in federal court jumped 7% from 2019 to 2020, and 9% from 2018 to 2019.  The trend is ever upwards in the volume of and creativity in claims.

Panel Discussion Topics include:

  • Administration enforcement
  • Enforcement trends, red flags and beyond
  • Dispute and reinvestigations
  • TransUnion v. Ramirez and the future of class action standing
  • Data providers and the FCRA

Data vendors, including Hunstein v. Preferred Collections


David Anthony, Partner, Troutman & Pepper, LLP

Rebecca Kuehn, Partner, Hudson Cook LLP

Moderator: Eric Ellman, Senior Vice President, Public Policy & Legal Affairs, Consumer Data Industry Association

2:00 – 3:00 pm ET

YEAR IN REVIEW: Reporting on Accommodations under the CARES ACT

In March 2020, when the U.S. was under a federal state of emergency and states issued stay at home orders, furnishers were quick to put payment accommodation programs in place to help consumers through the COVD-19 hardship. Congress also passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act to help consumers. The CARES Act included a key amendment to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) that required furnishers to follow special credit reporting rules for consumers placed into a COVID accommodation program. As the country re-opens and certain relief programs have ended or are coming to an end, furnishers must continue to observe CARES Act requirements related to credit reporting, and be ready to address the complexities caused by the ongoing state of emergency.

Join speakers Lisa DeLessio, Partner, Hudson Cook, LLP, Pat Dubie, Training Consultant, Consumer Data Industry Association, and Jared Weeks, Advisor, Data Governance/Metro 2® Task Force Chairperson, TransUnion as they discuss the requirements around reporting during and after COVID-19 accommodation programs, issues facing furnishers who offered accommodations, and re-cap of the Post Accommodation Metro 2® guidance, and the future of Metro 2® reporting related to emergencies and disasters.


Lisa DeLessio, Partner, Hudson Cook, LLP

Pat Dubie, Training Consultant, Consumer Data Industry Association

Jared Weeks, Manager, Data Governance/ Metro 2® Task Force Chairperson, TransUnion

3:15 – 4:15 pm ET

MACHINE LEARNING IN CREDIT: Market Context and Current Research

Speakers: P-R Stark, Director of Machine Learning Research, FinRegLab

Kelly Thompson Cochran, Deputy Director, FinRegLab

4:20 – 5:10 pm ET


Andrew Smith, Partner at Covington & Burling, LLP, and former Director of the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Bureau of Consumer Protection, will bring his extensive professional experience working with the incoming leadership at the CFPB and FTC to the session “Assessing the New Regulatory Environment.” Mr. Smith will share an inside look at the most pressing issues facing the industry including priorities for policymaking and enforcement in the consumer reporting ecosystem.

  • FTC and CFPB focus on technology platforms and Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence and unintentional discrimination
  • importance of nontraditional data and outlook for the 1033 Rule
  • potential privacy and cybersecurity rulemaking at the FTC
  • Lessons learned from recent FCRA enforcement and policymaking, and new directions in liability and relief
  • An emphasis on credit reporting, credit bureaus and data accuracy at the FTC and CFPB


Andrew Smith, Partner, Covington & Burling, LLP

Moderator: Francis Creighton, President & CEO, Consumer Data Industry Association

5:10 – 6:00 pm ET

CLOSING RECEPTION Sponsored by Venable, LLP

Join us at this year’s Closing Reception, CDIA and sponsor Venable, LLP for a unique Olive Oil Tasting and networking reception. Join special guests, the Olive Press for this fun and tasty way to learn more about olive oils! First 60 registrants will receive a free tasting sampler with an award-winning assortment of olive oils, and balsamic vinegars!