As the country re-opens and certain relief programs have ended or are coming to an end, furnishers must continue to observe CARES Act requirements related to credit reporting, and be ready to address the complexities caused by the ongoing state of emergency. CDIA has issued new and helpful examples to guide data furnishers in post-accommodation reporting in ways that are consistent with the CARES Act and the FAQs issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Join speakers Lisa DeLessio, Partner, Hudson Cook, LLP, Pat Dubie, Training Consultant, Consumer Data Industry Association, and Jared Weeks, Advisor, Data Governance/Metro 2® Task Force Chairperson, TransUnion as they discuss the requirements around reporting during and after COVID-19 accommodation reporting and provide insight into these new and helpful examples.


Discussion Topics Included:

  • Recap of 2021 and the Current State
  • CARES Act Relief
  • Regulatory Guidance & Expectations
  • Federal Mortgage Loans
  • Reporting After Accommodation Ends
  • Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Post-Forbearance options
  • Examples for Reporting Forbearance
  • Future of Metro 2® Reporting for Temporary Relief Payment Plans
  • Guidance surrounding relief reporting continues to be priority.
  • Metro 2® reporting for unique scenarios when payments are suspended, delayed, or reduced
  • The future of Special Comment Code AW (Natural or Declared Disaster)

To view the Examples related to Metro 2® post-accommodation reporting under the CARES Act, please click here.