Metro 2®: A Detailed Format Requires a Comprehensive Training Solution

Whether you are new to consumer credit reporting or have years of experience, it is vital for all Data Furnishers to have a clear understanding of the Metro 2® Format to ensure accuracy, completeness, and consistency in data your company reports to a Consumer Reporting Agency.

Developed and authorized by Equifax, Experian, Innovis, and TransUnion, this in-depth Metro 2® Format e-Learning Course is an indispensable companion resource to the Credit Reporting Resource Guide® (CRRG®), allowing your employees to learn online and at their own pace.

Discussion Topics:

This course is designed to strengthen your knowledge by providing detailed reporting guidelines for each field in the Metro 2® Format as well as the relationships between multiple fields.

  • An Overview of the Metro 2® Format
  • Programming Standards
  • Header Record
  • Data Record (account-level fields)
  • Data Record (consumer-level fields)
  • Appendage Segments
  • Logical Field Relationships

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Length: 120 min

Cost for each course: 

  • $250 for a single registration
  • $195 each for 3+ registrations- a savings of 25% off!
  • $145 each for 10+ registrations- a savings of 40% off!

Corporate Training Licenses: CDIA’s training licenses are also available providing a cost savings for those needing to train many employees.


Why train using the Metro 2® e-Learning course?

  • CDIA’s educational materials are the most authoritative source of information for reporting using the Metro 2®
  • Based on what you learn, you may identify changes or enhancements needed to your existing Metro 2®
  • Employees completing the e-learning course will receive a certificate of completion, which may demonstrate to examiners that an institution is committed to a professional team of employees who have deep knowledge.

Please note that attendance in this course is limited to those included in CDIA’s Metro 2® attendance policy. Course materials may not be disseminated without permission from CDIA.

If you have any further questions about this training, please contact CDIA Education Services at