Join us for the 2024 Metro 2® Format Advanced Workshop on November 19-20 at the Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach Hotel & Spa! Join CDIA and the Metro 2® Task Force at this essential event to engage and network with others in your industry, share best practices, and strengthen your knowledge of the Metro 2® Format.

Clearwater provides the perfect backdrop for productive and inspiring gatherings. That’s why, at the Metro 2® Advanced Workshop, you can look forward to plenty of networking opportunities and in depth conversations around important Metro 2® Format reporting topics including:

  • The 2024 Credit Reporting Resource Guide® (CRRG®) Revisions
  • Date of Account Information & Payment Status
  • Bankruptcy Reporting and transitioning to simplified Guidance
  • Date of First Delinquency
  • and much more!

The Metro 2® Format Advanced Workshop includes interactive sessions to work with peers and include complex scenarios to deepen your understanding of Metro 2® reporting. Don’t wait, secure your seat now!