Day 2 of Consumer Data Connect promises a dynamic agenda tailored to address the key concerns of our Data Furnisher community. Dive into sessions dedicated to:

  • Metro 2® reporting,
  • Bankruptcy reporting,
  • Navigating the dispute process, and
  • gearing up for CFPB examinations and enforcement actions.

We’re thrilled to announce the newest additions to our already vibrant lineup! Dive into these Metro 2® sessions for engaging discussions on the most critical Metro 2® topics:

An Industry Conversation: Practical Insights in Metro 2® Format Guidelines

In this dynamic session, attendees will gain practical insights in Metro 2® reporting practices from members from the Metro 2® Task Force, Ursula Gatewood, Laura Gray, and Jeff Van Schoyck.

Discussions topics include:

  • 2024 revisions to the Credit Reporting Resource Guide® (CRRG®) including clarification to the Payment Rating field,
  • along with industry topics and best reporting practices relating to Account Types/Portfolio Types, ECOA Codes, Charge-Off accounts and others!

This is your opportunity to dive into the key industry highlights and ask questions directly to the Metro 2® Task Force.

Ensuring Accuracy in Bankruptcy Reporting: A look at Metro 2® Format Guidelines

In this dedicated Metro 2® session, join members of the Metro 2® Task Force, Dan Cunningham, Ryan O’Hara, Jared Weeks, and Darin Wharton, as they delve into the critical importance of accuracy in accounts included in Bankruptcy. The session will shine a spotlight on reporting Bankruptcy Chapter 7 & 13, exploring specific guidelines for both Filer(s) and Non-Filer(s) and providing insights into the application of these guidelines throughout the Bankruptcy lifecycle.

Additionally, the panelists will address the current simplified guidance, retirement of legacy guidance, and share strategic preparations for upcoming operational changes.

For more information related to the event, please visit our event page. Limited Seating Remains, secure your seat today!