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Federal Trade Commission’s Samuel Levine to be Keynote Speaker at 2023 CDIA Law & Industry Conference

CDIA is pleased to announce that Samuel Levine, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, will join as a keynote...

Legacy Bankruptcy Guidance is being retired! Get Prepared at the Metro 2® Advanced Workshop!

Metro 2® Advanced Workshop Oct. 17-18, 2023 – Tempe, AZ Nov. 15-16, 2023 – Clearwater, FL Legacy Bankruptcy Guidance in FAQ...

Preparing for Renewed Legislative & Regulatory Focus @ CDIA Law & Industry Conference!

The 2023 CDIA Law & Industry Conference will be held Sept. 21-22 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC! This year’s agenda is...

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Eric Ellman
April 9, 2023
Last week, a TroutmanPepper post highlighted a decision from October 2022 in the California Fifth Appellate District holding that the FCRA does...
Eric Ellman
January 11, 2023
There is a case pending in the Northern District of California that could have broader implications for companies that collect and...
Eric Ellman
November 9, 2022
According to a site that caters to landlords and property managers, in October 2022, “federal agents 35-year arrested Latoya Williams at...