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27 Mar 2020TMI: The 9th Circuit finds that in an employment disclosure too much is too much

Last week, the 9th Circuit issued an opinion that goes into some detail about what may – and what may not…

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04 Feb 2020CDIA comments to FTC/CFPB on accuracy

Consumer reports are predictive, reliable, and accurate and there are laws in place to ensure and enforce this.  These are the…

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09 Jan 2020U.S. judge OKs $562K settlement of class-action lawsuit over inaccurate criminal background checks

As reported by the Patriot-News in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Judge Yvette Kane of the Middle District of Pennsylvania has approved a “$562,500…

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07 Jan 2020The Data Debate: Presidential Candidates on Consumer Data

The Democratic presidential candidates have chimed in on the data debate. They are focusing their attentions on housing, credit reporting, employment…

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29 Dec 2019Class dismissed

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia dismissed a putative class action, with prejudice, against First Advantage Background…

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