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CDIA shares a core value that all Americans should embrace; that is the ability for people to compete for employment without racial or ethnic discrimination. CDIA also understands that Americans expect to work in and visit work environments that are safe and secure.

Consumers want to be safe when entering places of business, when entrusting the care and well-being of themselves and that of their loved ones’ to others, and when inviting workers in to their homes. These are also values CDIA shares.

Federal Review offers regular updates of legislative, administrative, and judicial news of interest to the consumer reporting community.

Judicial Review offers regular updates of legal news of interest to the consumer reporting community.

June 23, 2021
In June 2021, the CFPB issued a blog post, Delinquencies on credit accounts continue to be low despite the pandemic. Today’s...
May 3, 2021
The acting heads of the FTC and the CFPB sent joint notification letters to the nation’s largest apartment landlords, which collectively own more...
May 3, 2021
In a recent blog, Landlords May be Stocking Up at the Same Food Pantries as their Tenants, we surveyed a story in...
May 3, 2021
A story in the Washington Post over the weekend highlights the challenges for landlords in the pandemic, and it is a...
May 21, 2020
CDIA sent a letter to the FTC and CFPB asking them to support an emergency interim final rule for public records...
May 5, 2020
The NCLC published on its website, Enforcing the CARES Act Credit Reporting Protections, an article that “explains how consumers can protect...