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CDIA shares a core value that all Americans should embrace; that is the ability for people to compete for employment without racial or ethnic discrimination. CDIA also understands that Americans expect to work in and visit work environments that are safe and secure.

Consumers want to be safe when entering places of business, when entrusting the care and well-being of themselves and that of their loved ones’ to others, and when inviting workers in to their homes. These are also values CDIA shares.

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May 26, 2021
Pew reported recently that “a growing number of states are trying to ease the burden of expungement and record clearing by...
May 21, 2021
“’I just worry that we are over-promising something to millions of people — that there’s going to be a magic wand...
May 7, 2021
CDIA values second chances. Too many people leave incarceration without the proper skills to reenter society. One company leading the way...
November 29, 2018
We agree with the Prison Policy Initiative (PPI) when it says that former inmates need stability for successful reintegration in to...
November 11, 2015
A recent NY Times editorial got it wrong. The piece supports a “a federal judge in Brooklyn [who] took the extraordinary...
November 18, 2014
As noted in a recent article in the American Bar Association’s ABA Journal, “Baltimore lawyer Jason Tashea is hoping to make...