Join the Consumer Data Industry Association for the Metro 2® Webinar: Accounts Included in Bankruptcy Chapter 7 was updated to reflect the changes to the 2021 Credit Reporting Resource Guide® and will discuss how accounts are reported as they progress through the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process. This webinar was developed in collaboration with Debbie Seneway, a recognized leader in Metro 2® Format reporting, and the Metro 2® Format Task Force which includes experienced representatives from Equifax, Experian, Innovis, and TransUnion.

The reporting of accurate data is an essential obligation of data furnishers under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. In 2019, sixty-two percent (62%) of all bankruptcies filed were for accounts included in bankruptcy chapter 7, making it essential for data furnishers to strengthen their understanding of reporting guidance. Register Today!

This newly updated webinar describes detailed reporting guidelines for accounts included in bankruptcy chapter 7 and includes case examples to further learning. The webinar will focus on the following discussion topics as they pertain to accounts included in Chapter 7 bankruptcy:

  • Basics of Consumer Information Indicators (CIIs)
  • Use of Date of First Delinquency with CIIs
  • How to report accounts included in Bankruptcy Chapter 7 when all associated borrowers are filers, as well as accounts that have filers and non-filers.
  • Reporting sold and purchased accounts incl. in Bankruptcy Chapter 7
  • Common Questions submitted by data furnisher

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