Big Changes in Reporting Medical Collections Debt – A CDIA Webinar exploring what happened, what’s next and why it matters

April 21st @ 2pm ET

The nationwide CRAs announced a big change to how medical collections debt is to be reported – impacting as much as 70% of medical collection debt from credit reports. This will impact companies that report medical collections debt as well as those who depend on credit reports. The bureaus’ CEOs said in a statement that the move is “another step we’re taking together to help people across the United States focus on their financial and personal well-being.” The CEO of the main association representing the collections industry, however, said that the move would: “lead to increased costs and less access to medical care for all consumers.”

Join CDIA President & CEO Francis Creighton, and speakers, Becki Kuehn, Partner at Hudson Cook, who works with the CRAs and Leslie Bender, Senior Counsel at Clark Hill, who works very closely with the collections industry, for an in-depth discussion on the new changes and their impact on consumers, collectors, and the entire reporting ecosystem. A live Q&A will be part of the event.