Search for Replacement is Underway; 
Eric Ellman to serve as Interim CEO

At the CDIA Board meeting in June, Stuart Pratt, who has been with CDIA for 31 years and who has served as our president and CEO for the past 13 years, announced his intention to leave CDIA effective September 9, 2016.  It is important to know that while we are sorry to see him go, we cannot complain when others recognize the talent we have here at CDIA.  Stuart will be leaving CDIA for a company as the business leader of its global public policy and industry relations teams.

The CDIA Board of Directors has retained Korn Ferry, a highly recognized search firm, to aid us in finding the right leader to build on our Association’s past success.  As a Board, we have reaffirmed our commitment to CDIA’s members, our mission, and to the CDIA staff.  CDIA staff, which averages 16 years at the association, is well-equipped to continue meeting our needs during this transition.

Since a new CEO will not be on-board by the time Stuart leaves CDIA, the Board has appointed Eric J. Ellman to serve as interim CEO.  Eric, who has been with CDIA for nearly 19 years, is well-equipped to handle the association in the interim period.

The search committee is working diligently to find a new CEO for CDIA.  The chair of the Search Committee is Rick Trainor of LexisNexis Risk Solutions, who is also the Chair-Elect of the CDIA Board.  The members of the committee are Jason Engel (Experian); Julia Houston (Equifax); Chris Jarrard, (CBC Companies); Cathy Madden, (TransUnion); and Walt Wojciechowski, (MicroBilt). Any member interested in offering input to the search process can contact Lorraine Lavet ( or Conrad Woody ( at Korn Ferry.

Please join us to wish Stuart well in his next role.  We are pleased that Eric will be stepping in to serve as interim CEO, and we are excited for the next chapter in CDIA’s 110-year history under a new leader.


John J. (“J.”) Kelley, III, Chairman, CDIA Board of Directors (Equifax)
Rick Trainor, Chair, Search Committee and CDIA Chair-Elect (LexisNexis Risk Solutions)