Feb 23, 2023 @ 2pm ET

The 118th Congress is not yet two months old, but it’s already active in the consumer reporting space. There is a new slim Republican majority in the house, and a slightly larger but narrow Democratic majority in the senate. With a newly divided Congress now in play, this webinar will examine what what the new Congress and the ongoing Biden Administration has in store for the consumer reporting industry? There are some key issues on the table including FCRA changes, data privacy, GLBA, anti-big tech rhetoric, and much more.

Join Geoff Gray, Founder, Gray Company, Heather McHugh, Founder, Resolution Public Affairs, and Eric J. Ellman, Senior Vice President of Public Policy and Legal Affairs at CDIA, as they discuss the congressional priorities and legislative landscape for the consumer reporting industry for 2023 and how we can prepare.

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