We recently discussed an interesting amicus filed in the Yim v. Seattle.  GRE Downtowner LLC (“GRE”) supported the plaintiffs’ motion for summary judgment and deny the City of Seattle’s cross-motion for summary judgment.  Sadly, the Court denied GRE’s motion to file the brief.  GRE makes a great point, even if the Court did not accept it.

GRE owns a 254-unit apartment building, The Addison.  This building qualifies for federal low-income housing tax credits.  Following the passage of the Seattle ordinance, GRE stopped conducting criminal background checks on prospective tenants in The Addison.  As compared to before the effective date of the ordnance, since the passage of the ordinance, 911 calls to the Addison have more than doubled, and all manner of criminal activity increased at the building.  The brief is a worthwhile read about the consequences of not conducting criminal background checks.