Metro 2® Format Advanced Workshops

Oct. 25-27, 2022

Nov. 15-17, 2022


There is no better time to enhance your Metro 2® skills than with our virtual Metro 2® Format Advanced Workshops this fall. With the ease of logging in right from your home or office and the ability to learn and interact directly with the Metro 2® Task Force, there’s no better time to secure your seat!


Listen to what September’s Metro 2® Advanced Workshop attendees said:

“I enjoyed the free-flowing interaction between participants and presenters. The ability to ask questions and have them answered immediately was appreciated.”

“I found the most valuable part of the workshop is the exercises we worked on and the fact that was virtual. The amount of time we save by attending from our office or home office is extremely valuable.”

“I work from home and the virtual event provides me flexibility to attend the workshop during my work day as opposed to having to allocate my entire work day to the training.”

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Newly Revised! Throughout this live interactive virtual workshop, the Metro 2® Task Force, comprised of representatives from Equifax, Experian, Innovis and TransUnion, will guide you through key Metro 2® reporting requirements including:

  • Date of First Delinquency/ Payment Status/ Payment History Profile
  • Bankruptcy Chapter 7
  • Bankruptcy Chapter 13
  • Transferred Accounts
  • Sold Accounts
  • Temporary Relief Payment Plan Reporting Review
  • Logical Data Field Relationships Reporting Best Practices
  • Industry Reporting Highlights
  • Compliance Condition Codes

For more information and a detailed description about each session, please visit the CDIA Metro 2® workshop webpage.