Developed and authorized by Equifax, Experian, Innovis and TransUnion, the 2022 Advanced Metro 2® Format Workshop will be held virtually over three half-days from 11 – 4:30 pm ET each day. Throughout this live interactive virtual workshop, the Metro 2® Task Force, comprised of representatives from Equifax, Experian, Innovis and TransUnion will guide you through key Metro 2® reporting requirements

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Temporary Relief Payment Plan Reporting Review  

You spoke, we listened!! This session will highlight the NEW FAQ 43. A full review of the FAQ that describes the reporting guidelines for accounts in a Payment Holiday/Skip-a-Pay, deferred accounts, and accounts in forbearance. The FAQ also provides suggested guidance for developing business policies and procedures for these types of temporary plans and how they need to fit within key Metro 2® reporting standards.

Date of First Delinquency/ Payment Status/ Payment History Profile

In this session, we will discuss the standards surrounding the important fields of Date of First Delinquency, Payment Status and Payment History Profile. The group will complete new scenarios that will provide valid illustrations of how these key fields work in harmony.

Compliance Condition Codes

This session will review the best practices for reporting direct consumer disputes using the Compliance Condition Code field. Compliance Condition Codes are reported to reflect accounts closed at consumer’s request and direct consumer disputes under the FCRA, FCBA, and FDCPA.

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Legal Disclaimer: CDIA’s teleseminars are educational in nature and do not represent legal advice. If you need legal advice, consult an attorney in your jurisdiction.