The U.S. Chamber of Commerce issued a White Paper recently, Data for Good and the Need for a National Strategy.  Authored by Dr. Michael A. Turner, Patrick D. Walker, Kazumi C. Moore, of PERC, the paper “calls for a national data strategy” that includes a national data privacy law that, among other things, eliminates the “patchwork of state laws” and recognizes long-standing federal privacy laws, like FCRA and GLBA.  The paper, done under the auspices of the Chamber’s Technology Engagement Center (C_TEC), calls for national “commonsense regulatory approaches [to AI oversight], invest[ment] in AI research and development and open government data, and lead[ership] in the creation of AI standards.”  Following these standards will help “ensure the responsible development and deployment of AI applications and position the U.S. as a global AI leader…”  Last, the paper encourages government modernization of federal computer systems.