The Center for American Progress has announced a “bipartisan criminal justice campaign known as ‘clean slate.'”  According to the announcement, “a diverse group of more than 25 groups from across the political spectrum [have come] together to launch” this national initiative.  This system, says CAP, “offers a technological solution: automated record-clearing for people who remain crime-free for a set period of time.”

The Clean Slate Campaign will work

to advance…automated record-clearing at the state and county level, with initial investments from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative announced today in Michigan, Colorado, and South Carolina. Investments will also support research to help the criminal justice community make more informed and equitable decisions around record-clearing, while fostering state and national collaboration to advance clean slate policies. The launch of the national campaign builds on early investments from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, which was one of the earliest supporters of the clean slate policy model.

Supporters of this initiative include David Plouffe, head of policy and advocacy at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, and former senior advisor to Pres. Obama; and Mark Holden, senior vice president and general counsel at Koch Industries.