The CFPB recently announced a reorganization of its Division Supervision, Enforcement & Fair Lending (SEFL).  A new unit, the Office of Policy & Strategy (OPS), will be within SEFL and will be headed by Peggy Twohig, who now leads the Bureau’s Office of Supervision Policy.  According to an American Banker story, “final decisions on investigations and enforcement will now fall to a team that previously had dealt solely with supervision policy. That unit…will handle both supervisory and enforcement issues. Some staff from the Office of Enforcement, which will still conduct investigations, will move to the new office.”  The document announcing the changes was unsigned, but it wasreportedly issued by Bryan Schneider, the CFPB’s associate director of supervision, enforcement and fair lending.  U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), the ranking member of Senate Banking, was quick to criticize the reorganization in a press release and a letter.